Vector: select

** DEPRECATED ** The {{ select }} vector is deprecated and is only for backwards compatibility. It produces a <select> tag with values coming from a "select" field in your model. For example, if you create a table in your model and add a field with the field type of "Select", you will also have to enter the options (possible values) for that field. The {{ select }} vector takes those options and turns them into a <select> tag.

The vector name is the table vector name followed by a period (.) and then the desired field vector name. See the example below.


There are two options available: name and id. Both are analogous to the HTML attributes "name" and "id" and that is where their values will be placed.


{{ select: home.division | name="home_division" }}
The above example produces a <select> tag whose options are taken from the field "division" on the "home" table. It may produce something like:

    <select name="home_division">
        <option value="Panther Creek">Panther Creek</option>
        <option value="Spring Park">Spring Park</option>