Vector: link

The {{ link }} vector returns an anchor tag to the specified page (via vector name). By default, the hotlinked text will be the name of the page as entered in the "Name" field for that page. This can be overridden using the anchor option. You can supply any valid HTML anchor tag option within the option list for this vector and it will place it within the generated HTML tag.

You can also specify a fully qualified URL instead of a vector name.


{{ link: about_us }}
This will return a link to the about us page. The hyperlinked text will be whatever name is entered for that page, which is probably "About Us" in this case.

{{ link: about_us | anchor="About The Company" }}
The hyperlinked text will be "About The Company"

{{ link: about_us | class=nav | target=_blank }}
The generated anchor tag will use the "nav" css class and when clicked on, will open up in a new window (because of the target option). You can specify any valid HTML anchor tag option this way to include in the generated tag.

{{ link: http://www.yahoo.com | anchor="Yahoo" | target="_blank" }}
This will create a link with the hyperlinked text of "Yahoo" which will go to http://www.yahoo.com in a new window when clicked.