What Are Vectors?

Vectors are keywords used to perform various actions in your website. The list on the left is every vector available to use. You can click on any of them to find out more details on what it does and how to use it.

Vector Structure

All vectors follow a specific structure but do very different things. The stucture is always:

{{ type: name | option 1 | option 2 }}

type: This is the type of vector. It will be one of the words in the column to the left. Any word that's not in that column and is used here will throw an error. The type is always required.

name: The name is optional but required on almost all vectors. It's value and purpose can vary so it is best to consult the doucmentation for each vector.

options: Each option is separated by the pipe ( | ) character. Most options will take the form option_name=value. It can also be formatted as option_name = "value". The options are used to supply parameters to the vector to further control its behavior. Vectors can have 0, 1 or many options.